Rubik’s Cube Remix: Developing Your Character, Choosing Your Adventure, and Deciding How You Role

Monday- September 14
- YouTube Video- “Who I Am”
- Read aloud the first two chapters of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
- Discussion on how the main character describes himself
- “Guess Who” game
- Homework- “Questions for Discovery” worksheet, rd pg. 16-31 of Part-Time Indian

What’s in a character?

Tuesday- September 15
- Discuss visual aspects of the novel- why are Junior’s drawings important?
- What is symbolism?- playdough game
- How do illustrations act as symbols?
- Homework- rd pg 32-66 of Part-Time Indian
How can art be symbolic of characters?

Wednesday- September 16
- Introduce Biography research presentation/project
- Brainstorm ideas in small groups
- Role model web- list some of Junior’s role models and how they influence him
- Homework- rd pg 67-98 of Part-Time Indian, role model paragraph
How do role models influence Junior’s identity?

Thursday- September 17
- What is text?- discussion on different sources that may be used for biography project
- Listen to “Cats in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin/read lyrics
- Discuss how the son imitates the father- positive/negative outcomes
- Who does Junior look up to? Does he imitate anyone?
- Homework- rd pg 99-129 of Part-Time Indian
What is text?

Friday- September 18
- Discuss the reservation and how it works as Junior describes it
- “Living Space” activity- create your own version of a reservation using a different background and write a journal entry describing it (ex: city in space, village under the sea)
- Are there any societal rules/pressures the citizens are expected to abide by?
- Homework: rd pg 130-196 in Part-Time Indian
How does the environment influence characters?

Monday- September 21
- MLA mini-lesson- works cited
- Galileo mini-lesson
- Computer lab day- use library and computer resources to acquire information for biography assignment
- Homework- rd pg 197-217 of Part-Time Indian, continue working on having two annotated sources for Wednesday

Where can I find reliable sources for research?

Tuesday- September 22
- Annotating a works cited page mini-lesson/worksheet
- Reading Reminders- Think in Threes with Part-Time Indian characters
- Journal writing- writing a memoir from the perspective of Gordy, Rowdy, or Penelope
- Homework- rd pg 218-230 of Part-Time Indian, continue working on having two annotated sources for Wednesday
How does perspective influence the reader?

Wednesday- September 23
- Review game for Part-Time Indian exam
- Two sources in MLA format with annotations due today
- Homework- Study for exam
How can I reinforce the concepts I have learned?

Thursday- September 24
- Part-Time Indian exam
How can I display what I have learned?

Friday- September 25
- Roundtable discussion- How does literature influence society as a whole as well as the individual?
- Censorship debate- should literature be banned?
- See banned books list (overhead sheet)
- Homework: rd chapters 1-5 of Out of the Pocket

How does literature affect identity?

Monday- September 28
- Computer lab- read Bill Konigsberg’s Q and A on his website, along with his article “Sports World Still a Struggle for Gays”
- Generate interview questions to “ask” the biography subjects
- Homework: rd chapters 6-8 of Out of the Pocket, work on interview questions (15 due Wednesday)

How can I brainstorm ideas for research?

Tuesday- September 29
- Read “Some Didn’t Call it Hate: Multiple Accounts of the Zimmerman Library Incident” in small groups
- Discussion on hate crimes in schools- how can we prevent them?
- Homework: rd chapters 9-11 of Out of the Pocket, finish interview questions for Wednesday
How do hate crimes influence society and literature?

Wednesday- September 30
- Assign Vocabulary words, definitions
- Divide class into teams for vocabulary competitions
- Read chapters 12-14 of Out of the Pocket aloud in class
- Interview questions due today
- Homework: rd chapters 15-18 of Out of the Pocket, begin studying vocabulary
How do a character’s activities affect his or her identity?

Thursday- October 1
- Computer lab day #2- use library and computer resources to acquire information for biography assignment
- All 5 MLA sources with annotations due Tuesday, October 6
- Homework: rd chapters 19-22 of Out of the Pocket, study vocabulary, MLA sources/annotations
How do secondary resources add to a research paper?

Friday- October 2
- What are some of Bobby’s goals? What is stopping him from reaching them?
- Create a goal chart: Goals for the near future, goals for 10 years from now, overarching life goals. What types of work must be done to achieve your goals? Due Wednesday, October 7
- Advice letter assignment- write an advice letter to Bobby. Give him a few ideas to help him reach his goals. What is he doing that is already steering him in the right direction? What could he do differently?- Due Wednesday, October 7
- Homework- Read chapters 23-27 of Out of the Pocket, study vocabulary, MLA sources for Tuesday, goal chart/advice letter for Wednesday
How do Bobby’s goals influence his actions?

Monday- October 5
- Vocabulary basketball competition
- Class discussion- what are some attributes all humans have in common?
- Reading Reminders- Reading to Compare Chart (pg A-21)- use Junior and Bobby
- Homework: rd chapters 28-30 of Out of the Pocket, MLA sources/annotations due Tuesday, Advice Letter/Goal Sheet due Wednesday
How are characters comparable in literature?

Tuesday- October 6
- 5 MLA sources with annotations due
- Begin outline for biography paper
- Read “Analysis of Baseball”
- Discussion- What is onomatopoeia?
- Brainstorm of sounds
- Compose your own onomatopoeia poetry on a sport- due Tuesday, October 13
- Homework: Rd chapters 31-33 of Out of the Pocket, work on onomatopoeia poetry, Advice Letter and Goal Sheet due Wednesday, outline for biography paper due Friday
How can sounds be useful in describing situations and people?

Wednesday- October 7
- Advice Letter and Goal Sheet due
- Vocabulary hockey competition
- Journal entry- applying vocabulary
- Using at least 5 vocabulary words, reflect on how Bobby handles the issues he faces in the book
- Homework: rd chapters 34-36 of Out of the Pocket, finish journal entry if not completed in class, work on onomatopoeia poetry, outline of biography paper due Friday

How does a wide vocabulary enhance reading?

Thursday- October 8
- Turn in journal entry from Wednesday
- Literature circles:
- 1. What did you notice?
- 2. What did you realize?
- 3. What is the most significant point?
- 4. What does this remind you of?
- Homework: rd chapters 37-39 of Out of the Pocket, work on onomatopoeia poetry, finish outline for biography paper for tomorrow
What are some different ways to analyze a piece of literature?

Friday, October 9
- Computer lab- students will have the whole class period to draft biographies
- Drafts due Tuesday for peer review
- Homework: Onomatopoeia poem due Tuesday, Draft of Biography due Tuesday, essay test on Out of the Pocket on Wednesday, October 14
How can I organize and present my information?

Monday, October 12
- Brainstorming for visual to go with Biography presentation
- Review for Out of the Pocket essay test
- Homework: Onomatopoeia poem and draft of Biography due Tuesday, study for Out of the Pocket essay test

What would be the most logical way for me to present my biography?

Tuesday, October 13
- Draft of Biography due- peer review game
- Onomatopoeia poem due
- Finalize ideas for visual aspect of presentations
- Homework: Study for Out of the Pocket essay test tomorrow, final biography paper due Tuesday, October 20
How can multiple readings be beneficial when editing a paper?

Wednesday, October 13
- Out of the Pocket essay test
- Homework: final biography paper due Tuesday, work on presentation aspect of the project (presentations due Thursday, October 22)
How can I reflect on a novel through writing?

Thursday, October 15
-Read “The House on Mango Street,” “Boys and Girls,” and “My Name” aloud from The House on Mango Street
- Discuss concept of naming: Where did your name come from? Why do we name our pets? Why are names important?
Homework: Rd “Hips,” and “The First Job” from House on Mango Street, work on Biography final drafts and presentations
Why are names important to the establishment of identity?

Friday, October 16
- Discuss rites of passage/traditions- When do you “become” a man or woman?
- Journal writing- Write two paragraphs about you in the future. What do you look like? What is your career? Family?
- Homework: Biography final paper due Tuesday, presentation due Thursday

What does maturation have to do with identity?

Monday, October 19
- Interactive PowerPoint on “Themes in Literature”
- Discuss common/classical themes
- Theme Venn Diagram: use The House on Mango Street and Out of the Pocket
- Homework: Biography paper due tomorrow, presentation due Thursday

What messages are the writers trying to convey?

Tuesday, October 20
- Final Biography paper due
- Read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs aloud
- “Point of View” overhead sheet
- “Playing with Perception” game
- Homework: Presentations due Thursday, perception writings due Friday
How does point of view influence literature?

Wednesday, October 21
- Writing journal: write about a situation where you felt uncomfortable- do not write with your dominant hand
- read “Four Skinny Trees,” “No Speak English,” and “Rafella Who Drinks Coconut and Pineapple Juice on Tuesdays” aloud in class
- Homework: Presentations due tomorrow, perception writings due Friday
How does environment cause Esperanza discomfort?

Thursday, October 22
- Final Presentations
- Homework: Perception writings due tomorrow
How can I display what I have learned?

Friday, October 23
- Finish presentations
- Perception writings due
- “Preparing a Character for a New Job” activity
- Announcement of vocabulary competition winners
How can I apply what I have learned to the real world?