Eval type: TOSS final (ENED 4415)

Date: 14-Nov-2010

Intern: Kristie Kannaley
Intern's email: kkannale@students.kennesaw.edu
CT: April Chapman
CT's email: april.chapman@cobbk12.org
Supervisor: Dr. Romanchuk
Supervisor's email: jromanchuk@bellsouth.net

Semester: Fall 2010
Grade Level/Subject: 6th/Language Arts
School: Lost Mountain Middle School
District: Cobb

Candidate is making adequate progress.

Outcome 1: Subject Matter Experts
Prof. 1.1: L4
Prof. 1.2: L4
Prof. 1.3: L4
Prof. 1.4: L4

Strengths: Ms. Kannaley did a great job planning lessons and was able to teach the content easily, which was at a higher level for students.

Areas for Improvement: I did not notice any weaknesses in this area.

Outcome 2: Facilitators of Learning
Prof. 2.1: L4
Prof. 2.2: L4
Prof. 2.3: L4
Prof. 2.4: L3
Prof. 2.5: L4
Prof. 2.6: L4
Prof. 2.7: L4
Prof. 2.8: L4
Prof. 2.9: L4
Prof. 2.10: L4

Strengths: Ms. Kannaley taught and assessed students in a variety of ways. Her pretest at the beginning of the unit gave her guidelines for where to place emphasis. Because of her techniques, students were highly motivated to participate and learn.

Areas for Improvement: Although this comes with experience, and we discussed this in class, Ms. Kannaley needs to work on managing the classroom environment. I did notice significant improvement as the two weeks progressed though, and she was finding a style that worked for her.

Outcome 3: Collaborative Professionals
Prof. 3.1: L4
Prof. 3.2: L4
Prof. 3.3: L4
Prof. 3.4: L4

Strengths: Ms. Kannaley was very professional and responsible during her TOSS experience. She did a wonderful job!

Areas for Improvement: I did not notice any in this area.