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Observation SUMMARY

Kennesaw State University

Bagwell College of Education

Student’s Name: Kristie Kannaley_ KSU Course: TOSS_ Semester: Fall

Collaborating Teacher: April Chapman_ University Supervisor: Dr. Romanchuk

School: Lost Mountain Middle School Date: 10/19/10 _Beg. Time: 10:45_End. Time: 11:50

Observer: April Chapman_ Circle One: University Supervisor Collab. Teacher SMT Self Peer

Description of Situation: Brief description of environment, subject area, type of activity, description and number of learners, etc.

This observation took place during Language Arts Enrichment, which primarily focuses on reading skills. Ms. Kannaley taught a lesson on mood & tone and the difference between the two. There are 25 learners in this class. This particular observation was split because students go to lunch in the middle. The lesson from yesterday on an excerpt from a popular story was completed before lunch and the extension activity was taught after lunch.

When completing this summary form, please indicate strengths and areas for improvement.
For greater detail, please consult the Conceptual Framework Reference Guide that describes the proficiencies in each outcome.

Subject Matter Expertise: (knows content; knows and represents content accurately; connects to other disciplines; uses content
and pedagogical knowledge)

Strengths: Ms. Kannaley definitely knew the difference between mood and tone and was able to convey that to the students in an easy way. When reading the excerpt from The Watsons go to Birmingham at the beginning of the class, Kristie anticipated that some students may not get the meaning of all the dialogue and stopped to briefly explain it to them. They seemed to enjoy the passage she chose and thought that it was humorous.

During the second part of the lesson, the Mary Poppins’ video clips were very engaging, and students enjoyed finding tone & mood words to demonstrate what the author had in mind, as well as how the clips affected their mood. At the end of class, a student was called on to summarize the difference between mood & tone, which showed that he understood the point of the lesson. To assess whether all students understood the concepts presented, an exit ticket was required for students to leave. For both parts of the lesson, Kristie was very organized and prepared.

Facilitation of Learning: (knowledge of learners; motivates learners; embodies knowledge of culture and diverse curriculum; creates well-managed learning environment; sets high expectations for all students; designs and implements effective instruction; infuses technology; assesses student learning; evaluates instruction)

Strengths: I believe that Ms. Kannaley knows middle school learners very well and has good knowledge of what will peak their interest in her choice to use technology in her lesson. Students were very excited about the lesson. She asked several higher-order thinking questions during discussion, but she also gave them a packet of information to guide their responses. In addition, time limits were set for students to respond which kept them on track.

Ideas for Improvement: When trying to begin the lesson and get the students’ attention, maybe use a hand signal to show that you are ready to begin. Encourage students to raise their hand and not talk over one another during discussion. Also, if available, give students a copy of the reading passage to follow along as you read for visual learners.

Collaborative Professional: (reflects on professional performance; uses effective oral and written communication; builds collaborative and respectful relationships; displays professional and ethical behavior)

I thought that Ms. Kannaley remained very professional during the observation. She shows students respect and gets it in return. Students seemed to feel comfortable answering questions, even if they said a wrong answer, she focused more on the right ones the particular student said so that they would answer more during discussion. At the end of the lesson, she reflected on what she felt like went well and what should be changed, which shows that she’s interested in becoming even better.