Mr. John Chidsey,

When I was a boy, I got to go to school five days a week to learn about reading and writing. I got to play with my friends and have books to study from for my homework. Once I turned sixteen, mama said I don’t need to go to school anymore I need to help support my family. I started farming early in the morning until the sun went down and I am very tired. Mama says if we can get some more money, I can study for my GED and maybe go to college. I really want to get an education so I can teach my future children, but I can’t cause I gotta work all day every day.

I heard about others rallying for us farmers to get more money. Some of the other fast food restaurants were willing to sacrifice for us farmers who don’t get enough money. Mama said you don’t even have to read this letter if you don’t want to. It ain’t the law for you to listen to me since I am a farmer. But I really hope you will consider paying us farmers bigger wages, because I would like to go to school and finish my diploma. If I can’t finish it, I don’t know how I can teach my future children.

Thank you,