Kristie Kannaley

Anticipation Guide

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian By Sherman Alexie

Directions: On the continuum in front of each of the numbers, place an "x" that indicates where you stand in regard to the statement that follows. Be prepared to defend and support your opinions with specific examples. After reading the text, compare your opinions on those statements with the author's implied and/or stated messages.

Agree Disagree

------------------------ 1. The truth should be revealed, even when it is horrifying.

------------------------ 2. Pictures and drawings are more effective forms of communication than words.

------------------------ 3. Communities, such as neighborhoods, inspire personal responsibility.

------------------------ 4. It is acceptable to have follow a stereotype.

------------------------ 5. It is traitorous to go against the beliefs of your religious or ethnic group.

------------------------ 6. Friends should not be competitive.

------------------------ 7. Friendship disintegrates when friends spend time away from each other

------------------------ 8. Individuals become the products of the communities they are raised within.