Essential Questions/GPS
In-Class Activities
Homework Due by next class
Monday 8/15
EQs: How can the individual affect society as a whole? Who is responsible for “fixing” social issues?
Introduce “Social Justice” assignment- students will work in groups of 3-4 to develop an idea to help solve the problems of the city in the novel. Students must develop an idea to get the Jets and the Sharks to stop fighting.
Introduce “Outside Reading” Assignment- students must complete an Alternative Book Report on one book of their choice by the end of the semester
Students will have the entire class period to work on the “Social Justice” assignment
Finish “Social Justice” assignment
Tuesday 8/16

EQs: How do thematic concepts connect throughout an entire novel? How can I use grammar to my advantage?
Grammar Mini Lesson: Stylistic fragments
Journal assignment: reflect on an event that occurred when you were younger. Write a paragraph about that event. Experiment with sentence fragments (formative assessment)
Quick presentations of “Social Justice” assignment (formative assessment)
Finish reading West Side Story in class
Discussion: reactions to the text, relations to other texts
Continue working on “Outside Reading” assignment (ongoing)
Wednesday 8/17
EQs: How is literature connected? Is there a connection between every piece of literature?
In-class time to work on “Outside Reading” project
Continue working on outside reading project
Thursday 8/18
EQs: How can I support my answers with evidence?
Review game for test on West Side Story (Jeopardy)
Students will be divided into 3 teams and must use textual evidence with their answers
Study for West Side Story test
Friday 8/19
EQs: How does perspective/point of view factor into West Side Story? Are there “good” and “bad” characters?
Test on West Side Story
Continue working on “Outside Reading” assignment
Week two
Essential Questions/GPS
In-Class Activities
Homework Due by next class
Monday 8/22
EQs: How does history influence literature? Why would someone want to write about a historical event?
Beginning of Unit 2 Introduction to Puritanism PowerPoint
Begin reading Act 1 of The Crucible

Finish reading Act 1 of The Crucible
Tuesday 8/23
EQs: How do writers use aspects of history to make their writing realistic? How can I write with historical awareness?

Journal entry: Puritan Haikus (write two haikus that either discuss Puritan beliefs or sound like they could have been written by Puritans)
Share journal entries with the class
Read Act 2 of The Crucible as a class

Finish reading Act 2 of The Crucible
Wednesday 8/24
EQs: How can point of view affect what a reader thinks about a text? How can writing influence the tone of a text?

Sentence Smack Down activity with paragraphs in Act 2 of The Crucible (groups of 4)
Begin journaling mini-assignment: journaling from Abigail or John Proctor’s perspective (formative assessment on point of view)
Complete one entry for journal mini-assignment
Thursday 8/25
EQs: Why do authors include major and minor characters? Does each character play a significant role in a text?
Read Act 3 of The Crucible as a class
Class discussion: character analysis
Finish reading Act 3 of The Crucible
Friday 8/26
EQs: What influences can perspective have on a text? Is it always necessary to try to read from multiple perspectives?
Journal mini-assignment due- class discussion of different perspectives taken- students will divide into groups of four to five for the first 20 minutes of class and will read each other’s journals.
Prepare 2-3 questions for the Fishbowl on Monday

Week Three
Essential Questions/GPS
In-Class Activities
Homework Due for next class
Monday 8/29
EQs: How does a community’s belief system influence how people behave? Why are some of the characters who do not tell the truth taken seriously in this text?

Fishbowl on The Crucible
Possible questions: How does religion influence behavior in this community? Can the characters be considered good or evil? If so, which ones can? How does gender play a role in this piece of literature? (formative assessment on student notes and responses)
Type a 1 page response as an answer to one of the fishbowl questions discussed
Tuesday 8/30
EQ: How does society influence the outcome of individuals in The Crucible? Where does religion factor in?
Read and act out Act 4
Journal entry: How would you respond if you were on trial for being a witch? How is that different from how the characters responded in the book (formative assessment) (several GPS’s)

Finish journal prompt for tomorrow
Wednesday 8/31
EQs: How does the video text compare with the written text? How does this connect with our theme of having “two sides to every story?”
Video clips from the film The Crucible
Discussion: Comparison between two texts, elements of “Puritanism” found in the film, character analysis chart (Several GPS’s)
Write a ½ page response to the video clip discussion
Thursday 9/1
EQ: How does factual information from the Salem Witch Trials interact with The Crucible?
Review for The Crucible test (Jeopardy) (formative assessment on student reading comprehension)
Study for test on The Crucible
Friday 9/2
EQ: How does history interact with literature in The Crucible?
Test on The Crucible (summative assessment)
No homework J

Week Four
Essential Questions/GPS
In-Class Activities
Homework Due
For next class
Monday 9/5
How are issues from The Scarlet Letter portrayed today?
What was it like to live in a Puritan society?

Introduction to The Scarlet Letter- short PowerPoint
- -Show video clip from current parody movie Easy A
-Read chapter 1 aloud to class
-Jigsaw activity about Puritan beliefs- students will be divided into groups of four. Each group will be given a section of the “Puritan Life” article. Groups will have 1 sheet of construction paper to write on or draw pictures to represent the information. Students will be given a handout to organize information and to take notes on their peer’s presentations of their sections (formative assessment/participation grade)
Go over reader response assignment: students will get to choose from 6 different ways to respond to text (chapters 1-5). Choices: collage, dramatic monologue, gender-bender, found poetry, series of blog posts (DUE SEPT 13th) (summative assessment)
Fill out anticipation guide prior to reading chapters 2-3 of The Scarlet Letter (pg 45-62)
Tuesday 9/6
EQs: Are all rules made with the best interest of the community?
How does community influence perception on the individual?
Should an individual be judged by his or her actions?

-Journal entry: Have you ever felt outcast from a social group? Did you feel like you deserved to be outcast? What were your thoughts or feelings during this time period? If you have never felt outcast, you may write about someone you know or know of who has. (participation)
-Short discussion in which students can share their journal writings.
-Anticipation guide activity (Dail)
-Character thought bubbles- students will draw a picture of Hester, Pearl, Chillingworth, and a random member of “the audience.” They must attach a thought bubble and what they think the character may be thinking to each person. Students will work in groups of two. (formative assessment)
-Exit ticket: comprehension check of chapters 2-3. Who was the man who Hester saw in the crowd when she stood on the scaffold? How could this man be significant to the story? Why do you think Hester chose not to reveal her “partner in crime?” (formative assessment)

Begin thinking about Reader Response activity and read chapters 4 and 5 of The Scarlet Letter (pg 64-80)

Wednesday 9/7
EQs: Are rules made with the best interest of the community?
Should an individual be judged by his or her actions?

Read Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” aloud in class
Class discussion/Venn Diagram: What are the similarities/differences between Tessie and Hester’s situations? How does community impact both of them? Is this fair/not fair? Why/Why not?
(verbal formative assessment based off of responses)

Journal entry: How can community influence the outcomes of individuals (use specific examples from both “The Lottery” and The Scarlet Letter (formative assessment)
Read chapter 6 (pg 81-90) of The Scarlet Letter
Thursday 9/8

EQs: What is a symbol?
How do symbols contribute to the themes we have seen so far in The Scarlet Letter?

Class discussion: What is a symbol? What would you say is a personal symbol that represents yourself? What is the significance of the scarlet A? Can people be symbols (Pearl)? What other symbols can be found in The Scarlet Letter?

Creating a coat of arms: Draw a coat of arms in your journal that is reflective of symbols from The Scarlet Letter. Include at least four symbols (turn in at end of class for a formative assessment)

Students will turn in journal homework entries (will be graded on participation and whether or not they use textual examples)

Continue working on reader response assignment. Read Chapter 7-8 of The Scarlet Letter(pg 91-106). Write down 5 of each of the following on a separate sheet of paper: Action verbs, awesome adjectives, sentences that just “work” (pre-assessment)

Friday 9/9
EQs: How can I use certain grammatical elements to write effectively?
How does the author’s word choice affect the reader’s experience?
-Quick journal- choose one passage that you decided “just works” and describe why you may have picked it. Consider language, sentence structure, and paragraph organization.
Interactive PowerPoint: “Getting Specific with Nouns and Verbs” (Noden)
- students share some of the words and quotes they picked out for homework.

-students will be shown examples of how to replace “dead” nouns and verbs with more vivid ones.
- Short writing assignment: Think about the theme of community that we have been discussing so far throughout our reading of The Scarlet Letter. Write a paragraph or two about a specific community and its attributes (example: your family, the Drama Club, a hospital). Underline all adjectives, and circle any that seem “dead” or “boring.” Also, be sure to include ONE SYMBOL to represent the community (such as a stethoscope for doctors, ect). Rewrite your paragraph using more “living” adjectives. (Formative Assessment)
Continue working on Reader Response Assignment
Read ch 9-10(pg 107-116) of The Scarlet Letter
Prepare 3 questions for Fishbowl on Monday. Consider: Theme, literary elements (esp. symbolism), and themes (community influence, ambiguity)

Week Five
Essential Questions/GPS
In-Class Activities
Homework Due for next class
Monday 9/12
EQs: Do all criminals deserve to be punished?
Can living in a community influence how an individual thinks?
Can words be more violent than physical actions?
Fish Bowl activity on chapters 1-10 of The Scarlet Letter (formative assessment)
Vocabulary Square (SAT PREP)

Study vocabulary words- write 2 sentences using 3 words in journal (formative assessment)
Rd chapters 10-11 of The Scarlet Letter
Tuesday 9/13
EQ: How does community influence perception? How are communities different from one another? Is everyone in the same community “the same?”
Take 5-10 minutes to share vocabulary responses (formative assessment)
Introduce “Leaving a Legacy Project”
Journal prompts (prewriting for “Leaving a Legacy”): How might our classroom community be different from the nursing home community? How might it be the same? What do you want to know about the nursing home community? Do you think the nursing home will display any parallels with the community in The Scarlet Letter? Use specific examples.
Class discussion of journal prompt (formative assessment)
Interview questions for “Leaving a Legacy” due Friday
Read chapters 12-13 in The Scarlet Letter (pg 134-152)
Wednesday 9/14
EQ: How does perspective influence stories? What are the advantages to seeing from multiple points of view?
Read The Scarlet Letter chapters 14-16 (pg 153-174)
“Think in Threes Chart” (point of view)
Read “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot
Mini assignment: Write a short conversation between Dimmesdale and Prufrock. What might they say to one another? What do they have in common? How are they both outcasts to society? (formative assessment)
Interview Questions for “Leaving a Legacy” due Friday
Read chapters 17-18 of The Scarlet Letter (pg 174-189)
Review for vocabulary game on Thursday
Thursday 9/15
How can we describe characters who are so versatile? Can we do so without shedding positive or negative lights?
Vocabulary Game (SAT vocabulary)- Computer lab (formative assessment)
Read Ch 19-20 of The Scarlet Letter as a class (pg191-208)
Creating a “Puritan Profile” on facebook (use attributes of characters) (formative assessment)

Interview questions for “Leaving a Legacy” due Friday
Read ch.21-22 of The Scarlet Letter (pg 209-228)
Friday 9/16
How can I be objective and fair? How can I compose interview questions that inspire participants to give me the information I need?
Workshop interview questions for “Leaving a Legacy” project in groups of two
Students will be given a worksheet including the following questions:
Are the interview questions focused? Do they inspire the participant to answer about a specific event? Are they unbiased? Are they respectful to sensitive matters? Do they show interest without being written in an aggressive style? (to be turned in for formative assessment)
Polish interview questions for Monday
Prepare journals for a journal check on Monday

Week Six
Essential Questions/GPS
In-Class Activities
Homework Due for next class
Monday 9/19
EQs: How do others contextualize events that have occurred in their lives? How does community fit into the structure of the story? Is it a one-sided story?
Trip to nursing home. Students will bring their notebooks and interview questions
Finish The Scarlet Letter (pg 229-244)
Study for test on The Scarlet Letter and SAT vocabulary on Friday
Tuesday 9/20
EQs: What makes sources credible? How do I give credit where it is due?
The Scarlet Letter web quest
Handout: using reliable sources for research
MLA format/plagiarism mini lesson- exploring documentation books
Exit ticket: How can a writer tell if a research source is accurate and credible? (formative assessment)
We Were Here anticipation guide

Wednesday 9/21
EQs: What makes a source credible? How can I document sources in MLA format?
Turn in anticipation guide
Research day- meet in library. Turn in documentation of 2 sources in MLA format for an exit ticket (formative assessment)
Read We Were Here pg 5-32
Draft of research paper due Monday
Thursday 9/22
EQs: What are the overarching themes in The Scarlet Letter? How are the characters both “good” and “bad”?
Anticipation guide activity (Dail) (pre-assessment)
Rd pg. 33-45 of We Were Here as a class
Review game (Who Wants to be a Millionaire) for test

Study for test
Draft of research paper due Monday
Friday 9/23
EQs: How can I contextualize the overall themes in the novel? How does point of view play a role?
Test on The Scarlet Letter
(summative assessment)

Draft of research paper due Monday for workshop

Week Seven
Essential Questions/GPS
In-Class Activities
Homework Due for next class
Monday 9/26
EQs: How can I write a focused research essay? How will I know if my sources are credible?
Draft of research paper due
Workshop in groups of two
Guiding questions: Does your partner have sources that are credible? Is the paper clear and organized? Does the paper stay focused? (to be turned in at the end of class for a formative assessment)

Read pg 45-57 of We Were Here
Write down 4 adjectives to describe Miguel and 4 to describe Mong

Draft of narrative due Friday
Tuesday 9/27
EQs: How are stereotypes developed? How do they affect how we perceive individuals?
Share/discuss adjectives from homework
“Paint a character” activity- divide class into two- One will write about school-related stereotypes, and one will write about society-related stereotypes)- must use characters from We Were Here (this is based off of initial interpretations of the text
Class discussion on stereotypes and how we determine them/perspective (formative assessment, participation in activity and/or discussion)
Rd pg 57-77 of We Were Here
Draft of narrative due Friday
Wednesday 9/28
EQs: Can characters be connected through their personality traits? How could community influence personality traits?
Journal prompt: Do any of the characters in the novel remind you of people from your community? How so? How does this relate to the concept of stereotypes that we have been studying?
Group activity: comparing a character from We Were Here to a character from The Scarlet Letter
-Create a poster with both characters’ names and write three (text-based) similarities (formative assessment)
Rd pg 77-91 of We Were Here

Draft of narrative due Friday
Thursday 9/29
EQ: Can a character be distinctly defined as a villain or a hero? How are characters multi-layered?
Rd pg 91-111 of We Were Here as a class
In class discussion on “right versus wrong” characters:
Do the boys have any “good” qualities? Are any of their actions “good”? Is Mei-li a hero for driving the boys, or is she a villain for helping them escape? How does Mong seem to display two separate personalities? (formative assessment)
Draft of narrative due tomorrow
Friday 9/30
EQs: How is narrative writing an important skill? How should a narrative paper flow?
Narrative workshop
Students will work in groups of two and will be given a sheet for guidance (formative assessment)
Some guiding questions: Does the narrative sound reflective in nature? Does it focus on one event? Is it well-organized? Does it offer enough detail to effectively convey the story?
Final Products for “Leaving a Legacy” due next Thursday
Read pg. 111-142 of We Were Here

Week Eight
Essential Questions/GPS
In-Class Activities
Homework Due
Monday 10/3
Should an individual be judged by his or her actions? Can living in a community influence how an individual thinks?
Discuss Literature Circles and assign roles
Read Anne Bradstreet’s “To my Dear Loving Husband…” and Langston Hughes’ “I, Too”
Discussion: How do the themes of these poems relate to our theme of rebellion? (informal formative assessment)

All Products for “Leaving a Legacy” due Thursday
Read pg. 142-154 of We Were here
Prepare for Literature Circle on Tuesday
Tuesday 10/4
How do stories from literature connect with the real world? What can we learn about life from literature?
Literature circles (numerous standards): Students assume the roles of discussion director, literary luminary, connector, or investigator (students will turn in notes for formative assessment)

All Products for “Leaving a Legacy” due Thursday
Read pg. 154-174 of We Were Here
Wednesday 10/5
How can writing be used to persuade? How do I make my writing authentic?
Active and Passive Voice Mini Grammar Lesson + Reporter Writing Assignment (formative assessment)
Draw neighborhood map for “Where I’m From “ piece
All Products for “Leaving a Legacy” due tomorrow
Thursday 10/6
How can I grab my audience’s attention? How can my presentation effect how others view my writing?
All products for “Leaving a Legacy” due today (summative assessment)
PowerPoint presentation on effective storytelling (discussion)
Prepare for Presentation
Rd pg. 175- 205 of We Were Here
Friday 10/7
How can I show enthusiasm when I present my writing? How can the presentation of writing affect the audience?
Presentation to nursing home participants (summative assessment of presentation skills)
Journal check on Monday (formative assessment)
Rd pg 205-240 of We Were Here
Reflection due next Thursday

Week Nine
Essential Questions/GPS
In-Class Activities
Homework Due next class
Monday 10/10
Are people defined more strictly by their words or actions?
Can a person really be “good” or “evil”?

Journal entry- What attributes/actions classify a character as evil? What attributes/actions classify a character as good?
Journal check (summative assessment)
-Go over academic prompt assignment sheet.
-Persuasive/Argumentative Essay PowerPoint.

Brainstorming activity- Students will make a “Pros” and “Cons” list of two characters from The Scarlet Letter or We Were Here. They must find one quote from the novel to defend each claim they make. Students will work in groups of four (informal formative assessment)
Read pg 240-270 of We Were Here
Reflection due Thursday

Tuesday 10/11
How have my experiences shaped me? What are the results of my work?
SAT Prep Game (Computer Lab)
Extra time will be spent working on the reflections
Reflection due Thursday
Wednesday 10/12
EQs: How can I focus my persuasive essay? How can I incorporate textual evidence?
Students will have the entire period to work on their drafts of the persuasive essay (academic prompt)
Reflection due Thursday
Thursday 10/13
How are characters versatile in a text? What stylistic elements does the author use to avoid creating flat characters?
Reflection due today (summative assessment)
Journal entry: How has the relationship between the main characters changed in We Were Here? Are certain elements of it the same?
- Socratic Seminar (informal formative assessment)
Read pg 270-300 of We Were Here
Friday 10/14
Can living in a community influence how an individual thinks? How does our past influence our future?
Draft “I was There” narrative from neighborhood drawing (in-class writing assignment)
Draft of Persuasive Essay due Monday
rd pg 301-343 of We Were Here

Week Ten
Essential Questions/GPS
In-Class Activities
Homework Due next class
Monday 10/17
How can I make my paper more argumentative?
Draft of Persuasive essay due
Workshop in a group of four: each student has five minutes to talk about the concerns of his or her paper (Dail) participation grade
Persuasive Essay due Friday
rd pg 343-end of We Were Here
Tuesday 10/18
EQs: Should an individual be judged by his or her actions? Can living in a community influence how an individual thinks?
We Were Here fishbowl discussion: (numerous standards)
Does community have influence in this novel?
Can you classify the characters as “good” or “evil”? Why or why not?
What are the major themes that link The Scarlet Letter and We Were Here (formative assessment on student notes)
Persuasive Essay due Friday
Wednesday 10/19
How can I use my voice in my writing? Why is it important to reflect on the past?
Workshop “I was There” narrative
Small Group discussion questions:
Is the narrative reflective? Is the language authentic? Does the writer’s voice come through the paper?
Persuasive Essay due Friday
Thursday 10/20
How can I present my writing effectively?
Feather Circle of “I was There” narratives (Summative Assessment)
Persuasive Essay due Friday
Friday 10/21
How does culture influence the individual?
Persuasive Essay due today (summative assessment)
Journal prompt: What is something you are afraid of? When did you discover your fear, and why do you think you have it?
Read “No Speak English” from House on Mango Street
Mini Spanish lesson

Complete The House on Mango Street Web Quest. Turn in accompanying handout.

Week Eleven
Essential Questions/GPS
In-Class Activities
Homework Due next class
Monday 10/24
Can you have more than one home? Is the place you sleep always considered your home?
Take up web quest handout (formative assessment)
Absolute Phrases mini lesson (Dail)
Activity with absolute phrases to create imagery about the place the students consider to be “home”

Read page 3-32 from House on Mango Street

Tuesday 10/25
How does an individual’s culture help establish his or her identity?
Journal activity: In the reading homework, a whole chapter was dedicated to Esperanza’s name. What do you know about your name? Where did it come from? Why did your parents choose it? Do you like it?
Mini Socratic seminar (formative assessment on student’s notes and discussion)
Read pg 33-45 of House on Mango Street
Wednesday 10/26
How does specific language influence a story?
Group activity: Each group will be assigned a vignette from House on Mango Street and will create a “found poem” from their section. The students must also come up with a description for the reasons why they choose the words they picked out from the novel. All groups will present their found poems at the end of class (formative assessment)
Rd pg 46-61 of House on Mango Street
Thursday 10/27
EQ: How are communities defined?
Practical Mini Lesson: Filling out a job application (students read about Esperanza’s first job for homework) (turn in as a formative assessment)
Read “In a Station of the Metro” by Ezra Pound
How is community displayed in this short poem? How is this community different from the one you live in? How is it different from Esperanza’s community?
Rd pg. 62-83 of House on Mango Street

Friday 10/28
EQs: How can I make a text my own? What kind of connections can I make?
Reader Response Activity: Students can choose between the following activities to complete (summative assessment) for the class period: Dramatic Monologue, Postcard, Collage, Dear Diary, Write your own
Rd pg 84-110 of House on Mango Street

Week Twelve
Essential Questions/GPS
In-Class Activities
Homework Due
Monday 10/31

EQs: What significance can community play in an individual’s life?
What is the purpose of having settled communities? What is the difference between community and culture?

Fishbowl for The House on Mango Street
Question options: How does community influence the individual? Can individuals be unaffected by their community? Use textual evidence (formative assessment on student notes and conversations)
Study for House on Mango Street Essay test
Tuesday 11/1
EQ: How do community and culture intermingle with each other? What does this mean for identity?
House on Mango Street Essay Test (summative assessment) on major concepts/themes (community and cultural influence)- use examples from House on Mango Street and connections to We Were Here (several GPS standards)
Homework break J
Wednesday 11/2
EQ: How can themes overlap in several pieces of literature? Do all communities have some sort of overlap?

Introduction to The Hunger Games (read a passage or two)
Dystopian Literature PowerPoint
Introduce Digital Project requirements
Digital project brainstorming (assignment encompass themes that we have been focusing on throughout the semester)
- Each student has a few minutes to journal about a few ideas and then will share those ideas with a group of four (other students will ask questions)
- (formative assessment of group discussions)
Read Chapters 1-3 of The Hunger Games
Thursday 11/3
EQ: How can historical pieces of literature connect with futuristic pieces of literature?

Assign Literature Circle roles for The Hunger Games
Read “The Notorious Jumping frog of Calaveras County” by Mark Twain as a class
Journal entry: How does this story relate to The Hunger Games? Are there any similarities in theme? What are the differences?
Read chapters 4-5 of The Hunger Games
Prepare for Literature Circle Role
Friday 11/4
EQ: How does this text relate to “the real world”?

Literature Circle for The Hunger Games. Student roles: Literary Luminary, Investigator, Discussion Director, Illustrator, Connector
Read chapters 6-8 of The Hunger Games
Finalize topic for digital project and be ready to share idea on Monday