Eleventh Grade American Literature
Room 225
Fall 2011
Ms. Kannaley
email: kkannale@students.kennesaw.edu

Required Materials:
- One subject college-ruled spiral notebook
- 1 inch three-ring binder OR pocket folder
- #2 pencils
- Blue or black ink pens
- college-ruled loose paper
Required Texts:
- The Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne
- We Were Here by Matt de la Pena
- The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
- The Crucible by Arthur Miller
- The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
- West Side Story by Arthur Laurents

Course Description:
The three units that we will be studying this semester are entitled “Growing Up in a Cruel World: There are Two Sides to Every Story,” “Rebels on a Mission,” and “The Apple and the Tree: Community Influence on Perception.” These three units encompass a wide range of texts and will require you to think critically. As we focus on important concepts in literature such as point of view, symbolism, and historical influence, we will discuss the following questions as part of our overarching theme that there are no distinct “good guys” and “bad guys”:
· Do all criminals deserve to be punished?
· Are all rules made with the best interest of the community?
· Is it ever acceptable to break the law?
· Can an outlaw still be considered a good person?
· Should an individual be defined by his or her actions?
· To what extent should someone go to protect a loved one?
· How does one know when he or she has become an adult?
· How does the community influence a teenager’s upbringing?
· Is it always bad to conform to “the crowd?”
· Can you have more than one home?
Attendance Policy:
All absences must be documented as excused though the attendance office within the day the student returns to school. Students who have received an excused absence will have two days to make up all missed work. Any work that was due on the day(s) missed is to be turned in the day the student returns to school. Students with an unexcused absence will lose 10% on each assignment they miss for each day it is late. Although it is imperative that students miss as few classes as possible and make up their work in a timely manner, I am willing to negotiate in the event of an emergency. If this is the case, the student must confront me at some point the day he or she returns to school.
Tardy Policy:
Any students who walk in after the tardy bell without a late pass will be marked as tardy on the attendance sheet. The student will receive a detention if he or she is tardy more than three times throughout the semester. If a student believes that the classroom he or she must travel from to get to mine is too far away to make it to my class within five minutes, the student must bring me a copy of his or her schedule on the first week of school. I will decide whether the student should have an extra minute to make it to the classroom based off of the location.
Late Work: Please see the attendance policy for information about turning in late work after an excused absence. Any late work that is not late due to an excused absence will be marked down 10% for each day it is late (including weekends). Students must complete all major assignments to receive a passing grade in the class, even if the grade is lowered as a result of the assignment being turned in late. Once again, if you have an emergency situation, please e-mail me or approach me in class, and we will work out a contract for special circumstances. However, it is imperative that you let me know about special circumstances as soon as they arise so that it will be possible for me to help you.
Extra Help: I will be available for extra help before school from 7:00-8:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Also, I will be available after school until 3:00 every day. If you need to see me at a different time, please e-mail me so that we can schedule an appointment.
Revision Policy:
You will have an opportunity to revise 3 of your major writing assignments this semester, on the condition that your assignments were turned in on time in the first place (unless you had an excused absence). These assignments will need to be turned in before Thanksgiving Break for you to receive an increase in your grade. Revision of papers does not guarantee a higher grade, but your grade will never be lowered from what it was originally. We will discuss the meaning of the word “revision” in-depth throughout this semester. Revision is more than simply editing your grammar- it is revamping the paper and taking it a step further.
Classroom Procedures:
Students are expected to come to class each day with their journals and binder/folder. Additionally, each student is expected to bring the novel we are currently reading to each class period. We will have daily journal entries that often relate to homework and/or assigned readings. I will periodically take up the journals to make sure that each student is completing the reading assignments. Students will receive effort and process grades for this type of work.
Additionally, all students are expected to participate actively in class. I understand that some students are uncomfortable speaking up in front of the entire class. These students will have to work hard to show their participation in small group workshops and other mini-lessons. Furthermore, students who are shy may want to take extra consideration of their journal prompts, as extra points can be rewarded for journal entries that show significant critical thinking. However, every student must contribute to the class, and points will be reduced for students who are constantly off task.
Students are expected to stay on task and think critically each day. Those who are constantly speaking without raising their hands (unless it is understood that students are working in groups) will be given two warnings. After the second warning, the student will be given a detention. If problems persist, the student will be referred to administration.
Cheating and plagiarism in any form (including copying homework) will not be tolerated.
Plagiarism includes: copying work from a source without using quotation marks, failure to cite paraphrased information, buying a paper, having someone else write your paper for you, and using work you have already turned in for another class. We will discuss how to properly document borrowed sources periodically throughout the semester. Any students caught cheating or plagiarizing will have to redo the assignment completely and will be referred to administration.

Derogatory comments toward any student or group of people (such as a racial/ethnic group, or those of a particular sexuality) will not be tolerated in this classroom. Any student who makes an inappropriate comment will receive an automatic detention.


Unit 1: Growing up in a Cruel World: There are Two Sides to Every Story
August 8th- September 1st

Unit 2: Rebels on a Mission
September 2nd- November 14th

Unit 3: The Apple and the Tree: Community Influence on Perception
November 15th- December 17th

Grading breakdown:
Classroom activities/assignments: 30%
Quizzes/mini projects: 10%
Tests: 20%
Essays: 30%
Performance Task: 10%

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